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Chamber Chat with Roger Palomino, Outreach Director at Houston Media Source

The Chamber is committed to telling the stories of our members. Chamber Chat is a regular series profiling our members. 

In this Chamber Chat, we profile Houston Media Source, a non-profit, which has been operating in HTX for 33 years and where “everyone has a platform and a voice.” HMS, through public access television, has a mission to support programming that reflects the city and its needs. We have many non-profits that are members of the Chamber and we are proud to bring visibility to their mission and highlight the important work they do in our great city! 

Hear from Roger Palomino, Outreach Director with Chamber member, Houston Media Source (HMS), and how HMS is giving Houstonians an opportunity to be a community producer and create content such as a television show, short film or other formats.

Congratulations to Roger and two other HMS staff members on their international award, Best Indie Short in Venezuela, for a short film created with Houston Media Source equipment. This award exemplifies exactly why HMS exists to provide the vehicle for community producers to have access to state of the art equipment and tell the stories that are important to Houstonians.

Houston Media Source is the host and one of our sponsors for the Chamber’s Brewing Up Business - Honoring Our First Responders event on September 11. Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo will be our guest speaker at the event.

Tell us more about Houston Media Source.   

Houston Media Source is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that has been in Houston for 33 years. We offer the citizens of Houston the opportunity to come in, become a community producer, and provide a content neutral atmosphere to show their program on our channel. Everyone has a platform and voice, and this way they can show their program in the format they see fit. This can be in the form of a television show, short film, feature film or documentary.

How did Houston Media Source get started?  

Houston Media Source got started in 1986, and first aired on television on May 31, 1987. We provide not just a channel for television programming, but also internet radio. The city wanted to have its own public access channel for the citizens of Houston, a common forum reserved for everyone to showcase their program ideas.

We love the term “Citizen Producer.” What is a Citizen Producer? 

A Citizen Producer is a resident of the Houston or the surrounding area that can come in and provide programming to our channel. Experience level can be from beginner to advanced, and they can grow and increase their skills as television producers. This allows them to gather and create content to not just air on the channel, but to repurpose it as they see fit. They also have the unique opportunity to work with state of the art equipment such as cameras, light kits, microphones and studios.

We would love to hear about a great success story with Houston Media Source.

A recent success is one I as a staff member experienced. I along with two other staff members and one director friend of mine recently won an international award for a short film we created with Houston Media Source equipment. The success was not only due to winning Best Indie Short in Venezuela, but because of the state of the art equipment that allowed us to tell a narrative with the best that is available out there.  

What excites you about the work Houston Media Source does in terms of all the great things happening in HTX?  

Everything! It is not difficult to walk through the organization’s doors and feel like you not only identify with the staff as industry professionals but connect with the people of our city. Our community producers all bring in something different and special to the programming which is part of the reason why public access television is still relevant in the era of streaming television.  

In addition to that, we have recently started something called the HMS Filmmakers Project this year. As the first year with this project, it allowed Houstonians to apply for different positions in a film production. This adds to the creativity of our organization and space, without losing sight of our mission to have programming that reflects the city and its needs.  

Where do you see Houston Media Source in the next 2-3 years?

I see Houston Media Source as a leader in the field of public access television. With the technological changes that are continuously happening in the world of film and television, this is what sets us apart from other public access stations in the nation. We continue to update our equipment, as well as bring in Houstonians from different backgrounds and professions. Our mission remains the same throughout these tech changes. We provide a content neutral space for everyone to have their voice heard.

We are proud to have Houston Media Source as a member of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber.  Why is it important for Houston Media Source to support the LGBTQ business community?

It’s important because we believe in our city. And with our city comes the diversity in people, cultures and life experiences that allows all of us to connect and continue to foster goodwill, outreach and unity.

Now a little fun…Barbecue or Mexican, and where do you go for it? 

I love Texas barbecue. If I had the time to drive out for it, I would drive to Huntsville where I went to College. It’s a place called Mount Zion, or formally known as New Zion Missionary Baptist Church barbecue. The best barbecue I’ve ever had! A must try for everyone.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies?

I love going to the movies. I am also an actor /producer /writer. Any outlet that allows me to expand on these skills is always something I try to do for fun. I also love to cook, and I take tap class as a way to keep myself focused and in shape. I also enjoy traveling, some of my favorite destinations are Portland and San Francisco.

Anything else you want to mention about Houston Media Source?  

We are honored to be hosting the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce Brewing Up Business and to honor our LGBT First Responders on such an important date. We strive to provide the best of what we do to everyone in our community, and grow our outreach as a part of the City of Houston. 

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