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Business Advantage Program - Corporate Partner Proposal Form


The Business Advantage Program is the Greater Houston LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce affinity program. The program is designed to bring together the vast buying power of the Chamber Membership with products and services that provide tangible monetary benefits (savings) to Chamber Members, to enhance the membership experience for existing Members and attract new Members.

The Business Advantage Program offers a special rate or type of service or product to Chamber Members. In return, the goal is that both the Affinity Partner and Chamber will see an increase in revenue. The Business Advantage offer will generally be geared to create a steady stream of income over time for the Affinity Partner and the Chamber. The offer must include a benefit for the Chamber and can include a benefit for members.

Successful affinity programs include an investment by the Affinity Partner to engage with Chamber Members on an ongoing basis to raise awareness of the product or service offering. Impact Partners interested in making an offer through the Business Advantage Program should submit a Business Advantage Proposal Form. Proposals will be reviewed by the Chamber. Approved Business Advantage Offers should not be considered an endorsement by the Chamber.

Through the Business Advantage Program, Members may be offered services to assist in developing and implementing business and/or personal financial plans through various money management, insurance, training, discount, communications, leisure/entertainment, investment, and other programs. The product/service will offer a defined benefit(s) for the Chamber to qualify for the Business Advantage Program.

Participation in products and services offered through the Business Advantage Program is purely voluntary. The Greater Houston LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce makes no guarantees in regard to the Business Advantage Program, the products and services available, or the business providing the products and/or services. The Chamber will not be held liable for any losses resulting from participating in Business Advantage Program products and services.

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If your company is not a Chamber Corporate Partner with one of the affiliated chambers noted above and you would like to learn more as well as participate in the LGBTQ+ Workplace Alliance Summit, please complete the Corporate Partner Interest Form.

Please provide a detailed explanation of your offering, including discount/benefits, and the value to members and/or the Chamber 

Please describe your marketing plan to promote this benefit to members.  (Please attach any copies of marketing collateral that will customized for Chamber members) 

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Please feel free to attach a more specific proposal and any supporting documentation (brochures, sales literature, company description, etc.)

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Explain payment terms/payment disbursement to Chamber and/or members 

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(if affinity partnership is approved, you will be billed for any difference between your current level and the membership level required based on the tier selected)

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Please note: The acceptance of this proposal does not guarantee your admission to the Business Advantage Program.

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