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Chamber Chat with LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore

The Chamber is committed to telling the stories of our members. Chamber Chat is a regular series profiling our members. We love great stories about how are members are giving back through their businesses!  

In this Chamber Chat, learn more about Dr. Randy Mitchmore with LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore. Not only has Dr. Randy been a Texas dentist for over 41 years, but he is widely recognized as an expert in the field, mentoring dentists from all over the country and has authored a number of books. Learn more about Dr. Randy and why honoring and valuing patient care is important part of the culture at LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore.

LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore offers expert cosmetic Dentistry and Spa services transform people’s lives every day.

Tell us more about LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore. 

Dr. Randy has been a Texas Dentist for 41 years. The title of Dr. Randy’s first book and the theme of the office is “The Gift of a LifeSmile.” Each person has a different definition of how they define their very own personal unique LifeSmile. With each and every encounter, contact and visit, each person receives a part of the gift.

Talk a bit about the array of services LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore offers.

There’s nothing General about this General Dentist. Dr. Randy and his team cater to people from all walks of life from around the world. Each patient soon becomes a friend. Expert cosmetic Dentistry and Spa services transform people’s lives every day.

How many clients does LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore serve in an average week?

One at a time. LifeSmiles is not about volume. Patients have the full attention of Dr. Randy and each team member. Patients are honored and valued.

What sets LifeSmiles apart from the competition? 

Dr. Randy hates being called average. He and his team spend hours training using the best modern technology and procedures to deliver exceptional dentistry and save patients time and money. He is so sensitive to how some people fear dental work he is one of the few dentists in the state licensed and trained to give profound IV Sedation for any procedure, even a cleaning.

Dr. Randy not only has a strong reputation as a Dentist but also a philanthropist. LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore truly makes a difference by giving people a reason to smile again. Tell us more about Dr. Randy’s philanthropic work.

Montrose is a small town in Texas. By looking out for our brothers and sisters, we make the entire community a better happier place. By holding on tightly to the gifts we have, they will seep through our fingers. When we share our resources, time and talent it all comes back tenfold. Dr. Mitchmore is currently the volunteer chairman of the Montrose Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone to rebuild the infrastructure in Montrose. 

In addition, he regularly volunteers to staff men’s training classes with The Mankind Project. Our corporate charity is helping Survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse (Domestic Violence) restore smiles damaged by the abuse for free. In the past, he has served as a Trustee for Bering Omega, The Black Tie Dinner, and the Chairman of the Nationwide Give Back A Smile program.

What has been key to success at LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore?

Treating people like good honest human beings. Realizing we all do the same thing, no matter what industry we “work” in.

We are proud to call LifeSmiles one of our Chamber members. Why is it important to be a member of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber? 

The Chamber has been first rate and well run from its inception. With each event, we meet amazing people. There are leaders in different industries we have decided to work with as vendors and even met new patients. The former Gay Chamber of Commerce was the very first business “outing” for Dr. Mitchmore when he returned to Houston in 1996. He credits the exhibition convention at the George R. Brown for helping to launch his new practice back in his hometown of Houston.

Are there unique aspects or challenges as a LGBTQ-owned business?  

A business owner is a business owner. However, the challenges are thinly veiled opportunities to flourish. We can’t be naïve. As many strides as our community has made on a National legal and political level, in reality we are in a section of the southern Bible Belt where there are still many people secretly and some very openly do not want us to succeed. By being out we create what has a reputation as a loyal following. At the same time, being out can still turn off customers. 

What’s ahead for LifeSmiles by Dr. Randy Mitchmore?  Where will the practice be in the next five years?

Modern dentistry makes huge strides each year in patient care. The field of Dental Implants BioMedical technology is exploding with new technologies to grow bone, gums and even dental tissues. Newer ceramics bonded to teeth can fool the eye that beautiful Smiles has had some help by Dr Mitchmore. LifeSmiles will continue to be on the cutting edge and implementing the greatest quality of patient care.

What are the positive aspects of running a business in Houston? 

Houston is the place to be! Opportunities in the workforce are boundless. For a business owner, that makes attracting and motivating the ideal team of utmost importance. With the enthusiastic individuals on board, your team will soar.

Best advice on running the business? 

Locate your business where you want to live.

Favorite thing to do in HTX?

Bicycle in the Museum District, take classes at the gym, try out new restaurants and welcome new people to the city.

Barbecue or Mexican? Favorite places?

Demeris BBQ! I no longer call it “Mexican Food”; it’s just “Food” now.  We have so many great places all around our city. Sharing a margarita with friends is a ritual experience. My go-to is El Tiempo closely followed by El Real, LaGrange, La Tapatia, and Good Night Charlies. Can’t have just one!

Anything to share about your business?

In addition to the dental practice and The Life Spa where everyone enjoys age-defying skin rejuvenation, Dr. Randy teaches other Dentists from all over the country about how to run an extraordinary practice. He is an author of several books on Dentistry and contributes to textbooks for Dentists. He has contributed to a number of professional journals and lectures on Dental Implants.

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