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Out at Work: New Survey Offers Insight into LGBT Decisions at the Office


A new survey shows younger people are more likely to be out at the workplace but just over half of all LGBT people are out at work.  

The survey published by Bespoke Surgical and reported on by Instinct magazine indicates 57% of LGBT individuals are out at work, with women (58%) a bit more likely to be out than men (55.3%). Millennials are more likely (58%) to be out at the office than Baby Boomers (51%).

But just when are people coming out at work? The survey found that 31.3% are out at the office on day one while another 18% say they came out within the first month on the job. But just under 32% say they have no plans to come out at work. Roughly 20% of the respondents say fear of discrimination at work is one of their reasons for not coming out. 

The survey found that 60% of respondents reported that a company’s reputation on LGBT inclusivity and other issues are significant when deciding whether or not to work there.

See the charts below and click here for more on the survey. 


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